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Hello Friends!

We miss you. We’re thinking of you, and we hope you and your family are well.

We know you’ve read every book in the house and are re-reading the backs of cereal boxes and every word of the “Terms of Use” agreement on the last word game you downloaded. And we know you used you last worn out Bookmill T shirt to make your sister-in-law a mask. You’ve got sour-dough starter growing in one Bookmill mug and you threw your other one against the wall last week when your internet went down again. So here’s the we’ll-see-how-it-works plan:

The Bookmill will be open starting Wednesday, May 27, 12-6, for curb-side/doorway pick-up of books, gift certificates, cards and journals, and of course all that merch you’ve been longing for.

No, our catalogue isn’t online (we’re working on that, maybe), but we’ll throw pictures of stacks of books on Instagram and Facebook, and we’re using our windows to display lots of titles. Call us, email us, or holler through the door. We’re happy to check for a title for you, and always happy to suggest something we do have. You can pay with a credit card, with Venmo, with a check, and yes, we’ll still take cash— we’re going to make this work somehow! We will be able to do a certain amount of mailing, but we’re still setting this up.

All of our books have been sitting safely and quietly (we think— who knows, maybe they’ve been partying— Theodore Roosevelt sashaying with Elizabeth Bennett, Toni Morrison and Proust sharing a bottle of zinfandel they boosted from the café and watching for returning lampreys) and any books that are handled will be quarantined— more about this later as we re-open to browsers… someday.

Please be patient with us while we figure out how all this is going to work! It will be wonderful to see your faces—or your eyes above your masks, anyway.

All we can do is try, right? Hope to see you soon,

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About Us

The Montague Bookmill is a used bookstore housed in an 1842 gristmill, set on the banks of the Sawmill River, a few miles north of Amherst and Northampton, Massachusetts. Our collection leans toward the academic, but we have thousands of books, on just about everything from Austen and anarchy to Zola and zoology. Our books are generally half-price, including recent publisher’s overstocks. Don’t look for our catalogue on line; we’re not that bookstore. But if we can’t find the book you’re looking for, we’ll find you a better one you didn’t know you wanted. The Montague Mill is also home to Sawmill River Arts and the newest outpost of the Turn It Up! music and movie empire. There is great food and drink all day and deep into the night at the astonishing Lady Killigrew Cafe. And downstairs is the fantastic Alvah Stone Restaurant and Bar. If you were dining any closer to the water there would be fish in your lap. We have concerts and performances spring, summer and fall. The Bookmill and its environs are an amazing and lovely place where you can lose yourself for hours. We’ve been lost here for years.

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